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Historic landmark and art museum in Paris28/03/2018RC air conditioning units installed at the world’s most visited museum, the LouvreEnglishПодробнее
Bayernland: fresh and excellent28/03/2018Climaveneta units for the new logistics center in VeronaEnglishПодробнее
A visionary development in London’s Tech City28/03/2018Climaveneta units installed at the White Collar FactoryEnglishПодробнее
MEHITS acquires full control of Topclima and Sater22/03/2018Further integration of distribution and service organisation with Mitsubishi Electric EuropeEnglishПодробнее
FX HFO: the perfect choice08/02/2018Presenting the new series of air source chillers with fixed-speed screw compressors and HFO refrigerant, Climaveneta brandedEnglishПодробнее
Sustainability without borders21/04/2017Climaveneta units installed in Casa Habitech, recently inaugurated in BrazilEnglishПодробнее