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The a-LIFE3 range is born24/10/2018The new professional fan coil Climaveneta brandedEnglishПодробнее
Convention Center in Buenos Aires24/09/2018Where comfort meets sustainabilityEnglishПодробнее
Sustainable Chemical Plant24/09/2018Climaveneta units installed at ICA2 plantEnglishПодробнее
Free-cooled and innovative bottle manufacturing 29/08/2018Climaveneta free-cooling unit has been supplied to SIPA’s Veneto plantEnglishПодробнее
Want more vacation?29/08/2018Euphoria Resort: the definition of Greek well-beingEnglishПодробнее
Convention Center in Buenos Aires30/07/2018Where comfort meets sustainabilityEnglishПодробнее
RAC Cooling Industry Awards 201816/07/2018Energy efficient Climaveneta products and project shortlistedEnglishПодробнее
FX HFO: the perfect choice08/02/2018Presenting the new series of air source chillers with fixed-speed screw compressors and HFO refrigerant, Climaveneta brandedEnglishПодробнее