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NR-FC-Z21/02/2020New efficient air-cooled chiller for modern data centersEnglishПодробнее
Zero local CO2 emissions for Torre Galfa27/01/2020Mitsubishi Electric and Climaveneta branded units for the HVAC systemEnglishПодробнее
WSM227/01/2020Flexibility and efficiency even for small commercial buildingsEnglishПодробнее
Continuing 90 years of innovation18/12/2019Lyckeby Starch AB has installed Climaveneta unitsEnglishПодробнее
Green Residences, Zero Acoustic Impact05/11/2019Climaveneta for the innovative residential building in MilanEnglishПодробнее
Comfort and sustainability in the heart of Rome05/11/2019Multi-purpose units grant well-being in the new Virgin Valle AureliaEnglishПодробнее
Climaveneta i-FX chiller series wins at GITEX 10/10/2019The award ceremony took place on October 9th in DubaiEnglishПодробнее