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Italian silk manufacturer tackles CO₂ emissions23/05/2019Ratti has chosen an eco-friendly air conditioning system EnglishПодробнее
Best in class Norwegian Data Center23/05/2019RC HPAC units installed at OS-IX data center in OsloEnglishПодробнее
Leopardi15: a historic innovative building 23/05/2019Luxury residences with a geothermal system in MilanEnglishПодробнее
Data Centre Solutions Awards 201917/04/2019RC free-cooling chiller shortlisted!EnglishПодробнее
The largest Kraftliner industry in Europe26/03/2019Climaveneta units installed at Piteå’s largest workplaceEnglishПодробнее
Climaveneta units for the new Cavotec plant26/03/2019Efficient and sustainable industrial processes EnglishПодробнее
i-FX-G04-Y 18/02/2019Air cooled chillers with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerantEnglishПодробнее
Organic and sustainable winery in Marche 18/02/2019Climaveneta units installed in the new Cantina FilodivinoEnglishПодробнее