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Organic and sustainable winery in Marche 18/02/2019Climaveneta units installed in the new Cantina FilodivinoEnglishПодробнее
Luxury Estate in Milan18/02/2019Climaveneta units for sustainable comfort EnglishПодробнее
Modernization of Schiphol’s Data Center03/01/2019RC units installed in the redeveloped data center in AmsterdamEnglishПодробнее
Sustainable Chemical Plant03/01/2019Climaveneta units installed at ICA2 plantEnglishПодробнее
New Showreel Video11/12/2018Some of the most intereresting project videos by MEHITSEnglishПодробнее
Christmas Holidays 11/12/2018We will resume our normal business from January 7thEnglishПодробнее
Iconic department store reducing CO₂ emissions11/12/2018The renowned Dutch department store chain has chosen a Green HVAC systemEnglishПодробнее
Antel Arena Uruguay03/12/2018Inaugurated on 12nd November 2018 the new Antel Arena in MontevideoEnglishПодробнее
FX-G05 and FX-W-G0513/11/2018The eco-friendly solutions for your perfect comfortEnglishПодробнее
Innovative facility in Ängelholm, Sweden07/11/2018Climaveneta units for Nolato Polymer’s plastic moulding plantEnglishПодробнее