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Operational Continuity in August30/07/2020Customer Care and After Sales services remain operativeEnglishПодробнее
i-FX-Q2-G0522/07/2020New full inverter multi-purpose unit with eco-friendly refrigerantEnglishПодробнее
High Efficiency HVAC System06/07/2020Climaveneta Units to improve energy efficiency of Toyota Motor Italia headquartersEnglishПодробнее
Generali Tower: sustainability showcase23/06/2020Generali Tower in Milan obtained LEED Platinum CertificationEnglishПодробнее
The new Dallara Academy03/06/2020Excellent training in a building of excellence EnglishПодробнее
Arcadia Center: a successful retrofit03/06/2020Climaveneta units for for the new building in Via Grosio in MilanEnglishПодробнее
THE MEHITS FOREST IS NOW REALITY26/05/2020The first trees of the WOW Nature campaign have been plantedEnglishПодробнее
The new patented MEHITS Testing Centre 11/05/2020Remote testing now availableEnglishПодробнее
FOCS-N-G0528/04/2020The new range of green heat pumps with large capacitiesEnglishПодробнее